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Have You Seen My Childhood...


People are complaining that's been Michael Jackson 24/7 since he died but I feel like it SHOULD be like that. He's the Elvis of our generation except that he didn't die in his prime. He had a long slippery slope down, and in my opinion was past the point where could ever make a comeback. But I have to tell you that I loved hearing Michael Jackson virtually everywhere this entire weekend, even if it was tinged with sadness. I idolized him as a kid, I had dance numbers, one silver sequined glove, the hat, the whole nine. The whole thing is just sad. It reminds you how great he was before he had been reduced to a punch line. Society sure does love to rip apart the people we raise up as idols. He was clearly a sick and disturbed man in the end, and just so we're clear, when I say sick I mean mentally, from abuse and his addiction to cosmetic surgery. I don't believe that he ever molested anyone. I think that any other naive, wounded, kid at heart and kind hearted billionaire will find themselves at the other end of a molestation charge. That's just the society we leave in. I don't even know what I'm talking about. All I know is, MJ dying and all the sadness and of course exploitation of it is like finding that childhood teddy bear in the attic, it conjurs up so many childhood memories, but its tattered beyond repair and you can't ever fix it.

Oh! I don't condone violence what-so-ever but can I tell you how happy I was at seeing Perez's crying video? Seriously, did anyone feel bad for him? I ran out and bought the Black Eyed Peas CD asap.



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